Answers To Questions About Routine Podiatric Problems

Your feet are one part of your body that you may take for granted, so if they encounter problems, you may realize that you do not know how to fix them. Sadly, some people will not have these problems addressed at all, and this can result in a gradual worsening of the condition. Some patient make these mistakes because they are uninformed about these conditions. By understanding the following answers to common questions, you can be a more informed patient while you are battling these issues.

What Can You Do About Chronic Terrible Foot Odor?

Over the course of a day, your feet can expel a large amount of sweat, and the enclosed space of your shoe can present the perfect environment for bacteria to reproduce. These bacteria will leave behind waste that will eventually cause your feet to start to smell. Sadly, some people do not realize that there are a couple of simple tricks that can be followed to combat this issue. 

Some people make the mistake of trying to wear thin socks to stop the sweating, but this is often ineffective because your shoes contribute to more of the temperature around your feet than your socks. By wearing thick socks, you can help ensure that any sweat is quickly absorbed before it can contribute to foot and shoe odor. Also, if your feet have already started to smell, you can eliminate the bacteria by freezing the shoes before you wash and dry them. The extremely cold temperature will kill the bacteria that is causing the smell, and this ensures that the odor will not quickly return. 

How Is Athlete's Foot Diagnosed And Treated?

Athlete's foot is an extremely uncomfortable condition that is characterized by an intense burning and itching sensation on the feet. This condition is caused by fungal infection, and despite its name, individuals that are not athletic can develop this condition. 

Sadly, this condition is not particularly easy to treat. In most cases, your podiatrist will prescribe an ointment to kill the fungus, but this can be an extremely slow process. It is not uncommon for patients to wait several weeks until their symptoms start to improve. 

Foot conditions can be painful, and they may make your everyday life extremely difficult to get through. Fortunately, understanding these two questions about routine foot issues should help you make smart decisions when it comes to having foot problems corrected. Contact a company like ETL Podiatry for more information.