Flip Flopping Away: The Danger Of Your Flat Shoes

Your choice of footwear can actually cause you serious problems with your feet, some so severe as to require foot surgery to repair. Sandals, flip-flops, and ballet shoes all have their dangers. Although you may gravitate toward flat shoes for their comfort value, you should think of your feet first, particularly if you are experiencing foot pain. Although flat shoes may seem like a healthy selection, they aren't always beneficial. If you have arch problems, you need to buy alternative footwear.  


Many shoes, such as flip-flops, ballet slippers, and other flats provide zero arch support for your feet. For people with normal arches, the lack of support is not a problem for short-term wear or low-impact activities.  For those with problem arches, those that are too high or too low, the lack of support can cause fallen arches, a painful condition that may require surgery. Fallen arches occur more often as we age and cause leg and back pain as well as problems with foot movement. 


The treatment for fallen arches may include the use of orthotics, inserts that provide support where you need it. Your doctor may also recommend icing, rest, and medications. If these treatments do not work, you may need foot surgery (from a professional such as those from East Village Foot Center PC). A variety of procedures is used, including bone grafting and bone fusion. Sometimes a surgeon will actually go in and change the shape of your foot or add tendon from another part of your body to the arch. All of these procedures are, of course, a last resort. 


Fallen arches are often congenital, which means the focus is on keeping the condition from getting worse by wearing roomy shoes with excellent arch support and getting customized inserts from a podiatrist. Some fallen arches are acquired by damaging the foot in some way. Maintaining a healthy weight, wearing supportive shoes, and seeking the advice of a health care professional are all steps you can take to prevent your arch problems from requiring surgery. 

Next time you reach for those flip-flops, consider your poor arches. If you have low or high arches, you need more support to keep from developing painful back, leg, and foot issues. Almost everyone loves a casual looking flat, but they simply do not offer the level of support many people need. Give your feet a break and buy them some serious support. They will feel better and you may avoid painful medical procedures.