Reasons Why High-Heeled Shoes Can Harm Your Body

Many women enjoy buying and showing off a new pair of shoes. If you are one of these people, you have most likely looked at or purchased high heels in the past. Women are inclined to buy this type of shoe to gain attention from others as the heels will give them increased height. It also exudes sex appeal as the eyes are automatically drawn to the leg area. While high heels are a desired choice, there are many reasons why reaching for a pair of flats if you intend on wearing the shoes often, is a better choice. Here is a summary of what happens to the body over time with the prolonged wearing of high-heeled shoes.

Your Posture Alters Due To Shift Of Gravity

When wearing high heels, you will most likely feel as if you have perfect posture. Heels will shift your center of gravity forward. This causes you to pull your body back as you walk so you do not topple over due to the increase in height along the back portion of the shoe. Since your body needs to realign itself to carry your weight, your posture will be less than perfect when you take off your shoes. This looks awkward to those watching you walk with flats on your feet. The higher the heel, the worse your posture will become and the more damage it will do to your spine. To avoid this altogether, save the heels for special occasions rather than everyday wear.

You Will Suffer From An Array Of Foot Problems

Wearing heels regularly will cause pain in your feet and calf areas. Many high heels have a pointed toe area, causing the toes to be smashed together in a small area. The toes also need to grasp the front portion of your shoe so you do not fall over when walking. Grasping day in and day out will eventually take a toll on the appearance of your feet when your shoes come off. Bunions, hammertoes, corns, blisters, and other foot problems arise from holding your toes in this awkward stance. 

The Knees Take The Brunt Of The Impact

When you walk with high heels on, your knees sustain more impact from normal steps. Walking upon hard flooring like concrete can exacerbate the problem. You may find your knees and fronts of legs are sore when you take off your shoes at the end of the day. Wearing heels each day can lead to regenerative arthritis of the knees over time. Contact a business, such as Rocky Mountain Foot & Ankle, for more information.