Why You Might Want To See A Podiatrist

Just about everyone has aches and pains from time to time but if you have ongoing issues with your feet, you might want to move beyond self-diagnosis and care and seek professional help. A local podiatrist may be able to provide more robust or complete treatment options to help ease your pain or an ongoing issue. Here are some of the different situations where you might stand to benefit by seeking help from a local podiatrist.

You Have Ongoing Aches in Your Joints 

If you have pain in your joints, specifically the joints in your feet, and this pain keeps coming back even with rest or over-the-counter medication, this could be a sign of a larger problem. Arthritis is known to cause joint pain but you will want a foot specialist to look at this issue and let you know if this is what is going on or if there is another issue at play.

Your Feet Are Not Handling Your New Exercise Routine

Did you recently start running or becoming more active in some way that requires you to move your feet? Some aches and pains when first starting to exercise are to be expected but if the pain is clearly not just some soreness or it's a pain that is continuing to get worse, you might want to get your feet (and your shoes) looked at by a podiatrist.

For example, maybe you are running on the inside or outside of your feet or there is something funny going on with your gait. Some people may require special types of shoes with extra support or cushioning in order to help their feet get through the next exercise routine. A podiatrist can assess what is going on and suggest best practices that will have you feeling better the next time you hit the trail or the court.

You Have a Diabetes Diagnosis

If you were diagnosed with diabetes as an adult, you will want to take steps to clean up your diet and take better care of your body. People with diabetes should pay special attention to their extremities such as their hands or feet. Diabetes may cause reduced blood circulation in these areas over time and it's important to make sure that your feet stay as healthy as possible.

You Have Issues With Your Toenails

Do you have an ingrown toenail that you can't fix on your own? Do you have something gross like fungus growing underneath a toenail? Podiatrists have seen it all and won't be phased by whatever is ailing you. They may be able to fix you on the spot or prescribe medication that will clear up the problem.